Fillmore Country Floral & Gifts
Nothing says "I Love You" like flowers!

280 W. 500 S.
Fillmore, Utah


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Mrs. Cavanaughs

Park Designs


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About Us
 Fillmore Country Floral was established in 1996 by Jack and Linda
Davies.  While Floral work is the center piece of our store, our family
began to feel that there was much more that could be offered to our
customers and help them find the things they need without the expense of
traveling to larger, distant communities. Over the last few years the store
has seen a remarkable transformation. Gradually evolving from a flower
shop, to gifts, home decor and scrap booking supplies.

 Feel free to come in and visit us, call us with an order, or just drop by to
enjoy a cool evening on the front porch. Our family and staff are here to
assist you in you time of joy, love, or need.